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Into the Light

In this season of budding renewal, of Passover and Easter, I have been thinking about those moments in which one embraces the opportunity to be reborn spiritually, and opens oneself to the light.

Spiritual renewal is not a part-time job. It requires commitment. There is no vacation from being a good person, nor a sober person. The same is true for safe, reliable, consistent, grounded and sane.  Who would want to escape such grace?

Addictions drag us into darkness. They make it impossible for us to be steady, stable  and positive. Addictions control our moods and behaviors, making us unpredictable, unreliable, sometimes even scary. Spring light is indeed too bright for the hungover human weighed down by an aching body and a soul drained of energy and hope.

The Alcoholics Anonymous Serenity Prayer encourages us to “accept the things we cannot change…change the things we can.” There are many aspects of our humanity, relationships and circumstances that we cannot change. We can, however, commit ourselves to being sane and sober. Full time. One day at a time.

Think of it as surrendering to the rhythm of the season. Why resist such green and fertile possibilities? As Bob Dylan says:

“He not busy being born is busy dying.”

On the eve of Passover and Easter, with new life blooming all around us, what better time to get busy being born.

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