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Thank You

This Blog is Dedicated with Deep Affection TO:

Benjamin: My beloved child and the most wonderful man I know. You have my heart like no one else ever will.

Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty: My partners in crime. What crime? Believing that some day my prince will come.

Meryl Streep: Who will never be a Cougar.

Janet: The smartest of women, loveliest of friends, and gifted teacher of writing. Thank you for getting me started on this.

Pam: Who taught me about Women Who Love Too Much. I love you (just the right amount).

The Real Housewives of California: Who ignite my inner bimbo.

Barbie: My Top Secret role model and all-round goddess.

Brownie: My canine BBF. She’s a beautiful sweet smart brave feisty blonde. What’s better than that?

The Seventies Feminists: For teaching me to stand up for my rights. I’m getting there (I think).

My worst dates: Blog Fodder!!!

My three  beloved siblings and their wonderful spouses: your love stories inspire me to hold onto my belief in romantic partnership.

Marvin, My Wonderful Dad: Who set the bar. I’m still trying!

Kitty: We all want to be you, but have settled for loving you instead. How do you manage always to get it right again with guys?

Amy: For all your words of wisdom that you deny uttering.Thank you for reminding me of the grumpy old men that all young men become.

Francis: For showing me True Love. And for being right about so many things, including the suggestion that I should write a blog. You will always have “a room somewhere” in my heart.

My loving and loyal Mother: Who has talked me down off ledges and taught me to say things like “He Needs to be Domesticated,” “How Like a Man” and “That’ll Fix Him”. I love you Mom!


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