Nature’s Reverie

18 Oct

Some pink and yellow roses are blooming still. Their delicate petals contrast poignantly with the robust red and orange berries peeking boldly out of shrubs. At midday the air is warm enough to invite the shedding of jackets. The light is pale gold.

Amidst the slowly drifting leaves, the staccato tapping of acorns, two cardinals chase each other, chirping and tweeting like mad. This afternoon it seems that all sorts of birds are flitting about noisily in the multicolored foliage: starlings, crows, sparrows, bluejays. It is thrilling to hear the sounds of spring in mid-October, although the excited twittering is a mystery. Are the birds settling in for a few more weeks–or making noisy preparations to leave?

Today, with seasons on display side by side, it feels as if nature is having a moment of nostalgia, or perhaps a dream of the rebirth to come when these days are a memory. It is magical, comforting.

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Posted by on October 18, 2010 in Fall, Meditations on Nature


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