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With Great Love

August 23 2010

Mother Teresa is said to have said:

“What matters is not to do great things but to do small things with great love.”

Today I saw a demonstration of this amazing truth.

I was blessed with a visit from my neighborhood flower man. Tomorrow is my birthday and my always thoughtful and generous mother had ordered a beautiful late summer bouquet to be delivered to my door.

Everyone knows that dropping off packages is not easy work and even someone who is the bearer of gifts or good news does not always reflect his cargo in his behavior. Many delivery folk, understandably weary from the road, will slam a box on the porch and roar off into the traffic, or ask for your signature gruffly and turn away without a smile.

Not so the man who delivers flowers on my block. He offers each bouquet, as if he were a midwife presenting a newborn child to its mother, with words of celebration, love and kindness.

“HellOOO pretty lady. How are YOU? I have some beautiful flowers for you!”

His last visit was around Valentine’s day when we had piles of snow on the ground and had been house-bound for days. The streets were deserted and no one was delivering anything–except my florist. Soon after the blizzard he appeared, cheerfully pushing aside the snow-laden hedges and bounding up the icy steps to bring me flowers from my faithful mom.

Today he leapt up to the porch with a vase of orange daisies and tiger lilies and a beautiful smile. He asked me if it was my birthday. “Tomorrow,” I said, and as he handed me the vase he sang “Happy Birthday” with all the brio of a Broadway leading man.

What a blessed person, so in touch with joy, presenting each small gift with all of his heart.

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